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Orange Ladybird

The Orange Ladybird is a large ladybird that feeds on mildew (fungus) on trees, particularly Sycamores. This one was in my garden on 6th September 2016.


WWT publishes ‘Rich in Nature’

The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust report urges the Government to deliver its promise of a 25-year plan, and also to make itself accountable to Parliament through an annual budget statement on the value of the environment, alongside the value of the economy. In order to fund environmental improvements, the report cites the Norwegian approach, where companies who deplete the nation’s natural wealth have to pay towards renewing it through a ‘sovereign wealth’ fund.

Sabines Gull

A digiscope image of the 2 cal/year bird present at DWT Carr Vale reserve. The bird was observed hawking flying insects! 

Breeding Bird Survey BBS

2013-2014 was a good year for many of the UK’s birds. The latest results from the Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) brought some short-term, positive news for a suite of both migratory and resident species against a backdrop of long-term declines for many, long-distance migrants in particular. The BBS Report 2014 reveals the latest short and long-term trends for 110 species, focuses on increasing coverage in the uplands and takes a look at recording how birds were first detected during the 2014 surveys. I cover the National Trusts Belton Park site as part of this survey. See

Barbastelle after midnight….

This bat was recorded in an abandoned industrial site near Grantham, Lincs, with a total lack of any trees and surrounded by open arable farmland. I recorded occasional common pipistrelles throughout the night (and not a lot more), then this bat appeared briefly just after midnight. Not the place you would expect to record a Barbastelle…..

Anabat –

AnaBat Express – packed with features!

The Anabat Express is packed with features that are easy to use, I’ve now got two of these along with my Anabat SD2’s. Really quick to set up and so simple to use…

External dimensions 182 x 119 x 43 mm (7.2 x 4.7 x 1.7 inches). Weight 385 grams (13.5oz.) without batteries.

AnaBat Express
AnaBat Express