Survey Work

I am an independent consultant providing a high-quality  service to the public and private sectors, and am dedicated to meeting the challenge of integrating business development, the environment and conservation.

I am an  experienced ecologist with expertise that can provide complete ecological solutions for your project. From  small sites with single protected species to  complex developments with a  range of ecological issues, I apply a scientifically robust approach to meet  the individual requirements of my clients.

I carry out bat surveys and assessments for a broad range of  habitats and species. Projects requiring bat surveys have been undertaken  within Nottinghamshire, Norfolk, Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire and  Staffordshire. Bat surveys may be required prior to gaining planning permission  from your local planning authorities. Click here for more information.

I specialise in all types of bird survey work from wintering  and distribution surveys to in-depth breeding bird surveys. Survey  methodologies can be designed to meet specific requirements of planning and  development proposals. Click here for more information.

Offshore Ecology and Marine Biology
Primarily working on offshore bird/mammal surveys for a number of potential wind   farm sites across the UK. Using standard ornithological methodology including ESAS and Cowrie offshore surveys. I am also a JNCC approved   Marine Mammal Observer (MMO) with  1000′s of hours offshore experience.

I have a track record of habitat assessment for Amphibians, including Great Crested Newts site surveys and mitigation. Click here for more information.

I have experience of survey work with Badgers and Water Voles.

Phase 1 Habitat Survey
A Phase 1 Habitat Survey is often requested by the Local Planning Authority to accompany a planning application or form part of an Environmental Statement. This survey means that any ecological constraints in a project or design are picked up quickly thus preventing any costly delays. Click here for more information.

Please contact me by email for further details of Protected Species Surveys and Eclogy Consultancy Work