Bird Boxes

I can supply and fit a variety of nest boxes.

5_outdoor_barn_boxBarn Owl Pole Box, 60cm wide x 60cm long x 60cm high at point,Manufactured with exterior grade plywood and imported softwood frame, glued and screwed with extra thick floor. Fitted with an inspection door in the back as standard (door can be fitted in the front if requested) entrance in the front with an internal baffle and a landing tray approximately 20cm long. Treated with wood preservative and roof covered with green mineral roofing felt @ £55

8_atype_barn_owlA type Barn Owl Box, Three sides are approximately 90cm, x 45cm deep front to back, manufactured in materials as pole box with landing tray on front below entrance hole, supplied with removable front and tray to enable fixing through the back to tree or building.@ £60 – £55

3_indoor_barnowlSquare Barn Owl Box, for interior use 60cm x 45cm x 45cm, with inspection door in front and landing tray, untreated and roof not felted.@ £40


Timber supporting brackets, can be supplied for this box @ £5 per pair

12_tawny_owl_boxTawny Owl Box, Approximately 80cm x 25cm x 25cm internal, Upright style box as recommended by Hawk and Owl Trust. Manufactured in materials as Barn Owl boxes. Inspection door one side at base, treated with preservative and roof felted.@ £40

6_little_owlLittle Owl Box, New style as recommended by Hawk and Owl Trust, materials as other Owl boxes. Fitted with inspection door, treated and felt covered roof. @ £20 – £40


Nest boxes for Kestrel, in materials as Owl boxes @ £35

Bird Nesting boxes, Standard size bird nesting boxes for sparrow, tit, robin or flycatcher @ £8

Sparrow Terrace boxes, Standard 3 hole boxes .@ £20 4, 5, or more hole boxes can be made to order at extra cost.

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