Checking chimney pots for breeding barn owls

Checking for barn owls in Nottinghamshire.

Using a telescopic handler and safety cage a check of the chimney pots was undertaken. These signs included brooding adult birds, concentrations of accumulated flattened pellet nest debris, faecal encrustation, eggs or eggshell remains, surplus prey items, bodily remains of chicks or infant down feathers.

An inspection of the base of the chimney suggested that the pellets were probably compressed, and it was considered likely that this area had served as a nesting chamber in the past.

Evidence of both current and long-term roosting by this species was found inside the roof void and associated with the chimney pot in the form of pellets (numbering several hundred in the chimney), areas of faecal deposits and feathers. A number of pellets were found on the the top of the brickwork.