Two more barn owl boxes near Horncastle

It’s never too late to put up a barn owl box, with these installed at the very beginning of the breeding season (February).

These A-frame boxes were put up on Monday with the very real hope that they will be used this season.

Constructed from exterior grade 18 mm bonded plywood which has been treated with two coats of water based preservative, stainless steel screws, brass inspection door bolts and hinges this owl box is designed to last about 15 years with minimal maintenance.

Once a Barn Owl has chosen its first nest site it is likely to use it again year after year, generation after generation.

MoorbyBO_Boxes_ (1)
A-frame Barn Owl nest box (pole mounted)
MoorbyBO_Boxes_ (2)
A-frame Barn Owl nest box (tree mounted)


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