River Surveys

The implementation of the Water Framework Directive in 2000 has increased the need for river surveys within the UK, and ensuring that restoration works and new developments do not adversely impact aquatic habitats.

I have experience of surveying freshwater habitats and protected species associated with river corridors.  My experience gained from working across a wide range of sites, applying different survey methods and means of assessment, allows me to provide a tailored approach to your freshwater project.

Water Vole Surveys

Water vole surveys are carried out during the breeding season which lasts from March to September. This is the time when water voles are most active. The optimal time to survey is in May and June during the peak breeding season and before the vegetation has grown. Surveys must not be carried out immediately after periods of heavy rain as field signs are likely to have been washed away.

Otter Survey

Otter surveys can be carried out following the standard methodology. This involves a search for: droppings (spraints), footprints, feeding remains, lying-up areas, holts (permanent places of rest and shelter) and areas of habitat considered suitable for otters. Otter surveys can be undertaken throughout the year.

Otter (c) Andrew Chick