Andrew P. Chick Ecology


This is Andrew P. Chick’s website with links to protected species surveys, ecology works for planning applications and general wildlife conservation. As part of the planning process, a protected species survey may be a requirement.  I hold the appropriate licenses to survey and mitigate for the commonly encountered ‘protected species’.

Based in Lincolnshire, I am available to undertake Protected Species Surveys including Bat Surveys, Bird Surveys, Phase 1 Habitat and  Reptile and Newt Surveys in Lincs, Notts, Rutland, Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Norfolk.

I am a totally Independent Ecologist and Protected Species Consultant, for impartial advice on all aspects of ecology and for further details please use the contact me page, or Email Mobile 07880700313.

For the past seven years I have been working as an Independent Ecologist and Protected Species Surveyor undertaking ecological surveys on a wide range of habitats. I have worked on numerous projects such as property developments, large wind farm proposals, offshore wind farms, single wind turbine projects, solar parks, pipelines & road schemes. Clients include private developers, planning consultants, architects, environmental consultancies, the National Trust (East Midlands), Natural England, the Woodland Trust and the Environment Agency.