Habitat & River Survey

Based in the Lake District, I undertake Habitat and River Surveys across Cumbria.

I have recently worked on projects with the Environment Agency (in both The Humber and Wash), the Lincs River Trust, National Trust, CBEC eco-engineering UK Ltd and the Wild Trout Trust on various river restoration schemes including natural flood management and restoring/enhancing habitats projects.

Recent river works includes;

  • The Cringle Brook restoration project where I worked with the Lincolnshire Rivers Trust and Dynamic Rivers to reconnect the floodplain, install natural flood management features and increase habitat to improve biodiversity.
  • The Dunston Beck Phase II project where I worked with Dyson Farming, the Environment Agency and Wild Trout Trust to restore the natural function of the Beck whilst increasing pool areas and oxygenating riffles to improve aquatic life in the Beck.
  • The Blue Green Corridor Grantham Project which encompasses ten projects that will be implemented in Grantham, from Dysart Park to Queen Elizabeth Park, with one project at National Trust’s Belton House.  The projects will improve the river habitat and corridor of the River Witham and will involve enhancing the current habitat, creating new habitat and improving access to the river.