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Contract Ecologist I am an independent ecologist with experience in ecological assessment and environmental management gained over the past 7 years working as a field ecologist. I regularly work as a Contract Ecologist, working either as part of a team, or managing teams of fieldworkers, undertaking ecological mitigation projects. I have a sound understanding of current planning guidance, ecological and environmental legislation and species assessment methodologies. I have a broad knowledge of most of Britain’s fauna and expert identification knowledge of British birds and bats.

Independent Ecologist & Protected Species Surveyor
For the past eight years I have been working as an Independent Ecologist and Protected Species Surveyor undertaking ecological surveys on a wide range of habitats. I have worked on numerous projects such as large wind farm proposals, offshore wind farms, single wind turbine projects, pipelines & road schemes and property developments. Clients include a number of environmental consultancies, the National Trust, the Woodland Trust and the Environment Agency.

Ecological Monitoring and Surveying Experience
I have been involved in numerous environmental monitoring and surveying activities, including extensive experience in standard Phase 1 survey methodology. I have carried out numerous ecological risk assessments and ecological scoping surveys, producing detailed ecological survey reports and maps.

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Bird Surveys
(Schedule 1 Licence – Barn Owls – Natural England Accredited Agent)

Offshore Seabird Surveys I have undertaken seabird surveys in both the North Sea and Irish Sea, with over a 1,000 hour’s of actual offshore survey experience. I am qualified to work offshore, with safety at sea, VHF radio and a range of boat handling certificates. I also hold a Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC) European Seabirds at Sea (ESAS) certificate, JNCC Marine Mammal Observer (MMO) certificate and have experience of operating Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) systems.

I have been involved in a long running project, assessing the foraging ecology of Sandwich Terns, from their breeding colonies in North Norfolk, and assessing the potential impact of marine developments such as offshore wind farms. The survey involves the boat based tracking of individual terns, and collecting data on foraging behaviour, flight height, and prey capture rates.

General bird survey work I am experienced in carrying out Breeding Bird Surveys, Wintering Bird Surveys, Offshore Bird Surveys, Barn Owl Surveys, Raptor Surveys and Vantage Point Surveys. I have experience of undertaking vantage point surveys in relation to wind farm and renewables projects. I hold a British Trust for Ornithology ringing license and have experience of ringing a wide range of British Species, including Barn Owls, Little Owls and numerous Birds of Prey.

Ornithology Research and Publications I am presently chairman of the Lincolnshire Bird Club, and have been editor of the Lincolnshire Bird Club annual report 2008, 09, 10, 11 and 12. I am responsible for organising numerous conservation projects in Lincolnshire, including barn owl nest box schemes, RBBP species monitoring and breeding bird surveys.

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Bat Surveys(Natural England bat licence)
I hold a Natural England licence for work with bats in England. I have experience of both leading and assisting with numerous types of bat surveys. I have extensive experience in Bat Survey methodology, including emergence, transect and roost surveys as well as undertaking Bat Warden Inspections on behalf of English Nature. I have expert knowledge of using Pettersson time-expansion and Anabat bat detectors, and have developed specialist knowledge of using software for the sound analysis of bat recordings.

I have worked on a number of wind turbine projects (both single and large scale), I am familiar with both the Bat Conservation Trust Bat Surveys – Good Practice Guidelines (2nd Edition)and Good Practice Guidelines, Surveying for Onshore Wind Farms. I own and operate Pettersson time-expansion detector and two SDII Anabats which I use for commercial survey work.

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Newt Surveys(Natural England newt licence)
I hold a Natural England licence for work with great crested newts in England. I have experience of both leading and assisting in carrying out great crested newt surveys, calculating habitat suitability Index (HSI), presence/absence and population surveys. I have experience of undertaking a complete range of field surveys techniques, including torchlight surveys, egg searches, terrestrial searches and bottle trapping surveys.

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Mammal Surveys
I am an experienced surveyor of both water voles and badgers. I have the necessary skills required to undertake detailed surveys and produce effective mitigation strategies.