Schedule 1 species of birds – Black Redstart Phoenicurus ochruros

I have worked on Black Redstart projects in Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, the Midlands (including Birmingham) and London. I have worked on large scale demolition projects where planning has require Black Redstart mitigation. I can provide the require reports/survey data and risk assessments regarding working methods necessary to safeguard protected species and ensure legal compliance.

Black redstart in the UK have some very specific breeding territory and nest site requirements. Their preference is often for derelict buildings that are located in built-up urban areas within older sections of towns and cities. Such areas may contain commercial, office and industrial buildings, with a high construction density. Usually these districts will be located within the close proximity of ‘green’ areas such as formal parkland, cemeteries, or derelict waste ground where they may be emergent vegetation. Water courses, and particularly town canals, may also feature within such areas – historically industrial buildings have often been sited alongside waterways.